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Opus DME is being adopted by leading brands and events...
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Sports Clubs, Events, Exhibitions, Corporates, Industry, Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Leisure, Tourism, Special Interest Groups, Charity, Campaigning…

If your organization has a selection of picture, video, audio or documents that it needs to share, internally or wider to media contacts, the Opus Digital Media Exchange offers an easy and affordable solution to storing, managing and sharing you media files.

A flexible price structure makes Opus ideal for smaller groups and events. Equally, larger organizations are finding Opus invaluable when faced with managing a multitude of media files.

Flexible admin and client access enables full control of ‘who sees what’; tracking of user activity enables you to fine tune media distribution.

Opus DME has a growing list of supporters...
“The Opus DME system has completely revolutionized our media distribution.”
Lou Newlands, OC Thirdpole
“In an age of multi-media communication the DME is the perfect tool!”
Jessica Gray, Into the blue