Powerful Multimedia Distribution

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Opus offers a combination of capabilty and usability that makes light work of sharing your media assets; at the same time giving you the flexibility to tailor its set up to your specific requirements.

Easy and flexible file upload

• by browser or ftp • automatic file recognition

Use your favourite ftp client or Amazon S3 upload tool to bulk upload photos, videos, audio files and other documents. You can also upload directly from your web browser (useful when you don’t have access to an ftp or you’re stuck behind a restrictive firewall). Automatic recognition of photo, video, audio and text document types.

Create Libraries, Categories, Tags

• individual or batch processing • easily updated

Add tags and categories to uploaded media items one at a time or in batches. Titles, descriptions, categories and tags can be updated at any time after initial processing.

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Automatic resizing and conversion

• sizes and formats of your choice • automatic processing

Define the image sizes and video formats and sizes that you would like stored and made available for download. Uploaded media items are processed automatically. The originals are stored separately and can be reprocessed at any time if new sizes/formats required.

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Integrated Emailing Tools

• create email newsletters • send lightboxes

Manage mailing lists and allow contacts to subscribe/unsubscribe directly. Send html emailings with lightboxes to easily include image previews and download links. You can also choose to send emails with login details for direct access to your media libraries.

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Import and Manage your Contacts

• import / export • create mailing lists

Import your media contacts from Outlook or Excel. Add multiple tags for quick and easy filtering and create as many lists as you need for mailings and exports.

CRM and Accreditation Facility

• flexible user access • simple accreditation process

Grant access on per user, per library and per asset basis. Truck user’s searching and downloading activity and maintain full contact history (CRM). Accreditation of users applying for access to DME directly via website.

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Multilingual Admin and Web Access

• easily configured

Fully configurable and multi-lingual admin access for uploading and processing assets and public access for external users with permissions to download assets Can be integrated with existing websites.

Opus DME has a growing list of supporters...
“The Opus DME system has completely revolutionized our media distribution.”
Lou Newlands, OC Thirdpole
“In an age of multi-media communication the DME is the perfect tool!”
Jessica Gray, Into the blue