Powerful Multimedia Distribution

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The Virtual Press Office and Digital Media Library

Upload and store photos, videos, audio & documents for easy search and retrieval. Accredit users for access to media libraries. Manage contacts and mailing lists. Create and send branded html emailings. Track mailing response rates and contact activity.

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Upload, Convert and Store
  • Bulk upload pictures, audio, video and text files
  • From any location via browser, ftp or Amazon S3
  • Create separate media libraries
  • Automatic recognition of file type
  • Batch resize and conversion to multiple formats
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Flexible Tagging and Multiple Libraries
  • Setup separate libraries per department, event, activity
  • Create custom categories and tags for each library
  • Add/edit titles, credits and descriptions
  • Define multiple sizes and formats for download
  • Original files stored for future use
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Contact Management and Email Marketing
  • Import contacts from Outlook, Excel, vCards
  • Manage mailing lists and allow subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Design, create and send html emailings
  • Include image previews and download links
  • Track email opens, clicks and bounces
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Accredit Users and Track Downloads
  • Grant access on per user / library / asset basis
  • Track users’ searching and downloading activity
  • Different sizes and formats for downloading
  • Search by keyword, document type and tags
  • Add to Lightboxes to keep track of favourites
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Your Digital Media Library

  • Digital Media Library Photo, video, audio and text documents
  • Image Resizing and File Conversion
  • Tagging and Keyword Searching
  • CRM and Accreditation Facility
  • Integrated Emailing Tools
  • Multi-Lingual Private and Public Web Access

Why Opus?

Opus DME – a powerful Virtual Press Office and Digital Media Exchange that is revolutionising the way organisations and event teams operate their media distribution.

No more emailing large files at the last minute
No more searching for mislaid files for urgent deadlines

By choosing Opus you are adopting a proactive approach to your contact and media management

Create emails featuring latest content and lightboxes; invite your media contacts to view. Detailed searching by keyword, filter, tags and media type enables your contacts to easily find, sham and download your content.

Content is king, Opus DME ensures your media is out there on display.

Opus DME is being adopted by leading brands and events...
  • RC44
  • Musto
  • JP Morgan
  • Haute Route
  • Geneva Marathon
  • ESS
  • Artemis